Monday, December 12, 2011

10 minute Christmas centerpiece

I was all done decorating for the holidays...and realized I had nothing Christmas-y on my table! I'm kind of a minimalist when it comes to Christmas decorations. I think less is more (except on my tree lol). However I've moved a few times in the past 3 years and in the midst of all that packing, moving, tend to rid yourself of clutter, extra things you don't really need, anything that doesn't hold sentimental value and can be replaced, anything overly get the picture. I'm sure you've all been there! So here I was, no centerpiece (though my tech savvy, table hogging boyfriend couldn't be happier about that ;P) and I didn't want to go out and buy anything. Blah! So I looked around and came up with something that used things I already had and costed me nothing! My favorite kind of creations! :)

I had a decorative bowl that really has no use other than to look pretty on the bookcase, a few silver and white balls leftover from the tree, a bow that I had leftover (that I didn't have to make!! Phew!) a few holly berries, a pinecone and I snipped a piece of garland for a touch of greenery. Smacked it all together and laid it out on a table runner that I never use. Voila!

I think it turned out pretty good for 10 minutes and a little creativity! Excuse the photos, it's a Smart Phone day ;)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wreath anyone?

I bought a pine cone wreath at the thrift store last winter. God love the ones that put all the effort and work into something and then give up on it and give it away. lol I picked it up as soon as I saw it, I knew I'd need a wreath by Christmas and I'm too cheap to buy one already done. So this was the best of both worlds. Cheap & unfinished but the hard part already done. :D

So I paid maybe $1 for this, then I bought a few silver/white leaves and holly berries for about $0.50 and a huge spool of wired ribbon for $3, all at the thrift store.

Dad was throwing out a bunch of old Christmas things he doesn't use and is tired of storing so I snatched up the wreath hanger. I put this wreath together in about 10 minutes (minus my thousand attempts and failures at a good bow) and in my haste, forgot how ugly the old brass hanger was (no picture was taken but I'm sure you've all seen them, terrible things!) So I covered it in ribbon, last minute kinda thing. Haha!
 And here's the result. I was going for a wintery, snowy kinda wreath...not too overdone or full of color. This picture reminds me of how bad I am at making bows. Ahh well! My first wreath! Come to think of it, it's a little small, next one needs to be much bigger! :) did I do for my first attempt? Did you ever make a wreath, if so how did it go?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Penguin Christmas Cards

So I got a text from a friend of mine about a month ago. She wanted me to make some Christmas cards, something different and preferably with a reindeer or penguin theme. My first thought was 'oh crap...I don't have any stencils or stamps for either of those.' Then I frantically started looking online for inspiration. I decided right away it would be penguins cause I love them and nothing is cuter...I swear! And the rounder they are, the better. :)
I found soooo many possibilities...if I had a machine or punchers to do the work for me. But alas, I am a poor little crafter. So I looked for something that I could make my own stencil from.

Then I found this! Instant love! Penguin Love!

So I free handed a stencil based on this, added some bling to his hat and some googly eyes for fun and came up with this! A chubby Santa Penguin sitting atop a hill of fluffy snow! :D

I made 8 of these loverly penguins and stuck them on blue paper, which was actually stuck to white cardstock. I got the red glitter cardstock (for the hats) at Michael's. I totally fell in love with it and have promised myself that I'm going back for more as soon as I find a reason to need it. ;) I couldn't find the right color paper for his beak and feet, and my clever boyfriend came up with the brilliant idea to use one of those big yellow envelopes. It was the perfect color! Stamped some snowflakes on the blue background with white ink and that's it! A little time consuming but oh so darn cute!

I had to make 8 of these penguin it didn't take too long once the planning and cutting stages were over with. And I had tons of fun making them. And she loved them so that was what I was aiming for. :)
I stamped a Christmas-y message on the inside but, of course, forgot to take a photo of that :P

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Best Couch Ever! :)

Guess who went to the Thrift store not me! Never! Haha of course me! I practically live there I swear it! I should just get a job there come to think of it.

Got another great steal...this time on ribbon! I've been wanting to buy some pretty ribbon but I find it hard to decide. There's so many and I am THE most indecisive person I know. My friends and boyfriend would tell you the same. Forget choosing food off a menu, it takes me forever! And to top that off, I'm a vegetarian so my choices are severely limited as it is. Ahh well, I go with it and thankfully the people that love me are fully equipped with lots of patience. :D

16 unused rolls and a whole bunch of odds and ends! I love it! $5

Ok so you're probably wondering what the heck my title is all about!
We had a few minutes left before we needed to head home so we went to another Thrift store, one that we rarely ever find anything to buy. My boyfriend sat down on this old couch and started putting his hands inside the cushions. Far be it for me to stop a man looking for loose change. But let's face it...someone else's (whom you don't know) grimy old couch...there could be anything in there and my hands (ungloved) aren't going anywhere near it. Well, it seems I was right. ANYTHING could be in there! Including a gift card for the liquor store WITH an unused balance! I foresee wine in my near future! Thanks boyfriend! :D

So...what have you had your hands in lately? LOL

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fabulous Thrift Store Deals!

So I'm continuously amazed at what people throw away and/or donate. They are, either, very generous or don't know the value of what they have. No complaints here though! I love cashing in on great deals! :)

Anyone that scrapbooks or designs cards will most likely know what these are. Heck you probably have some! Most of these haven't even been opened, they cost $20 each if you buy them new. I got 7 of these 'gel-a-tins' all for $5.99 at the thrift store this week. What a steal! :o) Now I need to go buy a stamp

I also got all these in a bag for $2.99. There are 3 hole punchers, 1 package of clear stamps and 6 rubber stamps. I can't wait to start using all these. And of course, I found a full, unused bottle of gold acrylic paint for 75 cents, just to top it all off. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Great yard sale finds!

It's been a couple of weeks...still in the transitional stage of moving. Most things are in storage and I feel as though life is in limbo. Not a great feeling but there is light at the end of the tunnel :D
 So for now I'm still posting my weekly yard sale finds (or in this case the last 2 weeks)! I hope you find something interesting here. 

 I just thought it was the cutest little vintage cream server! And for 10 cents it was a steal!

A gorgeous lantern for outside. I just love the starfish detail at the top! $3.

Bought this vintage 1960s Mele jewelery box for $5. In absolutely perfect condition except for a minor scratch on the top. The velvet inside is more vibrant and orange than it shows in the picture. I wish it had a different exterior and I'm wondering if I would completely ruin it if I removed the vinyl/leather stuff. It sounds and feels like wood underneath. Help...?

 Got this awesome tub chair for $3! A total steal! The previous owner tried reupholstering it but it was a sloppy job and not quite my style. So I'll be more than happy to start this project :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

30 minutes to Paris!

So I'm still packing and moving and, therefore, getting caught up on my blogging and projects. So here's one I did a few weeks ago. I was wanting a corkboard in my craft room but let's face it, they're overpriced and hugely ugly. I've seen lots of projects of covering them in fabric or painting them, so I knew what I wanted to do but still had yet to find one for cheap.

Imagine my surprise, I found an old corkboard at the thrift store for $2 and already had an old frame here that I had attempted to throw out several times. Luckily it is already close to the color I would have chosen and is a little banged up which distresses it just fine for me. Although I am planning on sanding a little more around the edges.

I couldn't decide what to cover it with. I had nothing here that was suitable and I was having trouble finding something for cheap that I actually liked. Then I popped into the thrift store one morning on the way to work and found this gorgeous vintage (I believe) scarf for $2. Since I collect stamps and postcards it suited me perfectly. (Sorry, no before picture...I managed to remember to get the camera halfway through!)

Voila! Took me about 30 minutes to make this and a total of $4.  The hardest and most time consuming part was getting the damn corkboard frame off! But I love it and totally worth it! A little more sanding around the edges and it's perfect! <3

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Moving and yard sale finds.

OK so I mentioned I'm moving....yet, I keep buying more stuff...and I HATE packing!! LOL Oh well! I can't help it! I find something I love and I can't be stopped. Forgive the pictures, the top of the washer is the only available spot to take a photo at the moment!

Gorgeous mirror $4, cannot wait to paint this baby! Am struggling on the color though. I'll wait until I get to my new apartment and figure out where she will hang.

I absolutely love these coasters! I love the price too...50 cents! The base needs some work, otherwise they are perfect and I don't even like coasters!

I saw it and had to have it...50 cents! No idea what it's purpose will be but it may see some spray paint in it's near future. The boyfriend has dubbed it the 'bubble wrap vase'.

And amid the mass of boxes and chaos lies Duke, enjoying a leisurely nap and not caring in the slightest what the heck is going on. As long as he has food, water and a warm place to sleep all is good in the world. Ahhh to be a cat! Meanwhile Reed has an entirely different outlook on this whole disruption in his life. He sleeps on my bed (below), the only thing that hasn't been moved or covered with stuff.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yard Sales Finds!

So I had my own yard sale this past weekend, it was a multi yard sale with 4 of us all in the I snuck out for an hour to see what was happening around town. I really feel deprived if I can't make it to a yard sale. lol And there were soooo many!! I got there late, as it was, and either the good stuff was already gone or else there were no goodies. I'll never know. But I did find a couple of things.

 A sewing machine for $5. It's just a small little thing, but I don't know how to sew very well and I really want to learn. So if I don't learn or don't like it...or if I break was only $5! Yay!

OK so it's a bassinet. And I have no children (or even dolls). So you may be wondering what the heck is wrong with me! But I have never been able to pass by a nice piece of's a ginormous basket for heaven's sake and it was $3!!! So, I ask you, what ideas or inspirations do you see for this upcoming project?

Much to do and little time!

So it's summer, nearly, and I have so many projects started and more that I want to start. The weather isn't allowing me much time to work outside. Plus, I really just don't have the time and it's driving me nuts to have things unfinished (whether in reality or in my head). As soon as I find time I'll feel so overwhelmed because I won't know where to begin. This happens to me every year! I'm never surprised yet always complain about it (I figure it's my right as a woman). LOL

So why don't I have the time? Well, I'm moving...hence packing. Just had my very own yard sale to rid myself of the things that accumulate (mysteriously) in my home that I have never found a use for. Ok, not that mysteriously but they accumulate all the same. Why oh why do I have so much STUFF?! Also, I'm looking for a new of those jobs that you will absolutely love to go to and won't never wonder 'what in the hell was I thinking by accepting this position'. Yes, we all want one...but I am on a mission to find it! And I don't have an apartment yet, so all my stuff is going into storage and I'll be staying with my sister. Oh mon dieu! My quiet, simple life has become a crazy and unpredictable life. Oh how I am clinging onto every ounce of sanity I have left.

But on the plus side, I'm in a new relationship that is going very well. He is amazing (bf...if you are reading this, don't let it go to your head lol) and I never thought I would find someone that I had so much in common with and could make me so happy. So yay!

Ok. So what projects do I have going on in my little apartment and in my head? Here goes!

I bought this adorable little phone table for $3 at a fundraiser for a local animal shelter.
It needs a lot of TLC in regards to reupholstering and painting. This project has been started...I will post upon completion. :)

I obtained this sweet little number for free :) I plan on spray painting it a beautiful metallic shade (perhaps copper as it is naturally copper and I'm too lazy to try to clean it) and using it as a planter outside.

I got this gorgeous chair from my aunt...which I'm not entirely sure if it's on loan or mine permanently...but I got the go ahead to reupholster it (I'm assuming that means painting it is ok too). I have the fabric in my head and I can picture it spray painted white and distressed. Oh it's gonna be so nice.
 I got these from my mother a few years ago. Had planned to paint and then tole paint on them. However I have yet to find a pattern I love for this. And, now I'm not entirely sure tole painting is the route I want to take. Any ideas? Suggestions?

OK well, you get the idea. Lots of projects, little time. There are a ton more but I'll leave those for future posts! :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

First attempt at card making!

So I went shopping for a Father's Day card yesterday and was browsing through birthday cards, etc as I always do. I browse more than I buy just to see the new cute designs and then I make my way to the hugely overpriced gift items cause I love to torture myself with the things I can't afford. lol

So I was reading this cute little birthday card, very homemade looking which is actually nice to see in a card and gift shop. And out of curiosity and habit I flipped it over and looked at the price. I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a few beats...$7.50! For one card with a simple design that I could have made at home. I went from thinking what a cute little card to outrage in about 15 seconds! So what do I do when I'm struck with such disbelief? I vent and put it as my Facebook status! Haha! Then I went into card making overdrive. I've never made a greeting card in my life. To be honest, I really never thought I was creative enough. But after seeing those simple designs on a card priced so high, I thought why not? I'll give it a try. So I made 3 different kinds (with envelopes), I can't say I love them but for basically no cost I think they are 100% better than those that cost $7.50. I really like making them so I think I'll keep it up and see if I develop a knack for it.

As always, for your viewing...pleasure? lol

regular size greeting cards with yellow envelopes

regular size greeting cards with purple envelopes

note cards (measures appr. 4" x 4") with matching envelopes
these are probably my favorite :)

note cards (measures appr. 4" x 4") with matching envelopes

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The sandals, that were no more...

So, I'm moving in a month and it's summer. So I thought I had better have a yard sale and clear out some stuff so I don't have to pack it up and drag it with me or have to put it in storage. Besides I have way too much 'stuff'.

Anyways, I was cleaning out my hall closet and there they were. The sandals that I have been hanging onto for the last 3 years in hopes of, well...I don't really know. They were my favorite pair, so comfortable and super cute. They went well with nearly everything. And then my dog ate them. :(

I like to reuse and re-purpose as much as the next person, but I know my limits. And they weren't overly pricey to start with so I wouldn't want to spend much in repairing them (if even possible). So, I finally got the scissors to them and chopped off the tops, which was the only part that wasn't chewed or eaten. ANd now they will go to the garbage and the tops will sit in my craft supplies cupboard until I figure out my next move.

And so, with no further adieu and for your viewing pleasure this is what remains of the lovely sandals that were.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yard sale finds...1st of the summer!

Finally, finally, finally! The weather cooperated long enough for me to find my treasures...and my sanity. First yard sales of the season gets me super stoked! There were only 4 (have I mentioned I live in a small town? Ok, well I do.), but 2 of them had some real goodies.

$2 plant stand :)

10 cute!

$1...gotta love handmade jewelry

$2 hurricane lamp (bad photograph)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aboriginal Art - yard sale finds!

I lived in the Northwest Territories of Canada for 6 years. And let me tell ya, summer time there is crazy busy with yard sales. Now this isn't odd or unfamiliar to most people who live in large cities, but these communities are very small. The place I lived in had a population of a whopping 5000, at best. Yard sale day was Saturday and sometimes Sunday...and if you want any success at all you had better get up at the break of dawn Saturday morning. I mean, seriously, there are people that will push you aside with no regard, just to get to a table before you. It is insanity! But on the bright side they will sell anything. Absolutely the best yard sales I've ever seen, there are so many goodies you don't even know where to start. So I became a collector, naturally, of all things handmade from the aboriginal people. Obviously these are items that I left untouched and appreciated as is. These are my favorite pieces, but there are many more in the collection.

Hand painted plate...Gorgeous! $2

Etched glass...Yup, it's chipped! $4

handmade ceramic jug :) $5