Saturday, December 10, 2011

Penguin Christmas Cards

So I got a text from a friend of mine about a month ago. She wanted me to make some Christmas cards, something different and preferably with a reindeer or penguin theme. My first thought was 'oh crap...I don't have any stencils or stamps for either of those.' Then I frantically started looking online for inspiration. I decided right away it would be penguins cause I love them and nothing is cuter...I swear! And the rounder they are, the better. :)
I found soooo many possibilities...if I had a machine or punchers to do the work for me. But alas, I am a poor little crafter. So I looked for something that I could make my own stencil from.

Then I found this! Instant love! Penguin Love!

So I free handed a stencil based on this, added some bling to his hat and some googly eyes for fun and came up with this! A chubby Santa Penguin sitting atop a hill of fluffy snow! :D

I made 8 of these loverly penguins and stuck them on blue paper, which was actually stuck to white cardstock. I got the red glitter cardstock (for the hats) at Michael's. I totally fell in love with it and have promised myself that I'm going back for more as soon as I find a reason to need it. ;) I couldn't find the right color paper for his beak and feet, and my clever boyfriend came up with the brilliant idea to use one of those big yellow envelopes. It was the perfect color! Stamped some snowflakes on the blue background with white ink and that's it! A little time consuming but oh so darn cute!

I had to make 8 of these penguin it didn't take too long once the planning and cutting stages were over with. And I had tons of fun making them. And she loved them so that was what I was aiming for. :)
I stamped a Christmas-y message on the inside but, of course, forgot to take a photo of that :P


  1. Love love love the penguins! My fav characters are penguins and owls. I'm making these for my daughter to give to her classmates! I don't have glitter cardstock so I'm going to go the old fashion way and shake it on for some of the cards. I may make some hats out of fabric if I can find enough red prints in my stash. I actually have a ton of dollar store felt so I may just put it together and stitch it to a blue card stock background and stamp on some snowflakes also. Not sure, it is so much easier to cut cardstock so we'll see what works best. A little swirly message inside will make it fun. Thanks for the idea!!

  2. So glad you liked them. I hope your version turned out well! A little trick (that you may already know) to making glitter 'stay put'...mix it with Mod Podge and paint it on with a brush. You can even paint on an extra layer of Mod Podge afterwards, just to be safe. It works great!

    Happy Holidays! :)