Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Much to do and little time!

So it's summer, nearly, and I have so many projects started and more that I want to start. The weather isn't allowing me much time to work outside. Plus, I really just don't have the time and it's driving me nuts to have things unfinished (whether in reality or in my head). As soon as I find time I'll feel so overwhelmed because I won't know where to begin. This happens to me every year! I'm never surprised yet always complain about it (I figure it's my right as a woman). LOL

So why don't I have the time? Well, I'm moving...hence packing. Just had my very own yard sale to rid myself of the things that accumulate (mysteriously) in my home that I have never found a use for. Ok, not that mysteriously but they accumulate all the same. Why oh why do I have so much STUFF?! Also, I'm looking for a new job...one of those jobs that you will absolutely love to go to and won't never wonder 'what in the hell was I thinking by accepting this position'. Yes, we all want one...but I am on a mission to find it! And I don't have an apartment yet, so all my stuff is going into storage and I'll be staying with my sister. Oh mon dieu! My quiet, simple life has become a crazy and unpredictable life. Oh how I am clinging onto every ounce of sanity I have left.

But on the plus side, I'm in a new relationship that is going very well. He is amazing (bf...if you are reading this, don't let it go to your head lol) and I never thought I would find someone that I had so much in common with and could make me so happy. So yay!

Ok. So what projects do I have going on in my little apartment and in my head? Here goes!

I bought this adorable little phone table for $3 at a fundraiser for a local animal shelter.
It needs a lot of TLC in regards to reupholstering and painting. This project has been started...I will post upon completion. :)

I obtained this sweet little number for free :) I plan on spray painting it a beautiful metallic shade (perhaps copper as it is naturally copper and I'm too lazy to try to clean it) and using it as a planter outside.

I got this gorgeous chair from my aunt...which I'm not entirely sure if it's on loan or mine permanently...but I got the go ahead to reupholster it (I'm assuming that means painting it is ok too). I have the fabric in my head and I can picture it spray painted white and distressed. Oh it's gonna be so nice.
 I got these from my mother a few years ago. Had planned to paint and then tole paint on them. However I have yet to find a pattern I love for this. And, now I'm not entirely sure tole painting is the route I want to take. Any ideas? Suggestions?

OK well, you get the idea. Lots of projects, little time. There are a ton more but I'll leave those for future posts! :)

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