Saturday, June 25, 2011

Moving and yard sale finds.

OK so I mentioned I'm moving....yet, I keep buying more stuff...and I HATE packing!! LOL Oh well! I can't help it! I find something I love and I can't be stopped. Forgive the pictures, the top of the washer is the only available spot to take a photo at the moment!

Gorgeous mirror $4, cannot wait to paint this baby! Am struggling on the color though. I'll wait until I get to my new apartment and figure out where she will hang.

I absolutely love these coasters! I love the price too...50 cents! The base needs some work, otherwise they are perfect and I don't even like coasters!

I saw it and had to have it...50 cents! No idea what it's purpose will be but it may see some spray paint in it's near future. The boyfriend has dubbed it the 'bubble wrap vase'.

And amid the mass of boxes and chaos lies Duke, enjoying a leisurely nap and not caring in the slightest what the heck is going on. As long as he has food, water and a warm place to sleep all is good in the world. Ahhh to be a cat! Meanwhile Reed has an entirely different outlook on this whole disruption in his life. He sleeps on my bed (below), the only thing that hasn't been moved or covered with stuff.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yard Sales Finds!

So I had my own yard sale this past weekend, it was a multi yard sale with 4 of us all in the I snuck out for an hour to see what was happening around town. I really feel deprived if I can't make it to a yard sale. lol And there were soooo many!! I got there late, as it was, and either the good stuff was already gone or else there were no goodies. I'll never know. But I did find a couple of things.

 A sewing machine for $5. It's just a small little thing, but I don't know how to sew very well and I really want to learn. So if I don't learn or don't like it...or if I break was only $5! Yay!

OK so it's a bassinet. And I have no children (or even dolls). So you may be wondering what the heck is wrong with me! But I have never been able to pass by a nice piece of's a ginormous basket for heaven's sake and it was $3!!! So, I ask you, what ideas or inspirations do you see for this upcoming project?

Much to do and little time!

So it's summer, nearly, and I have so many projects started and more that I want to start. The weather isn't allowing me much time to work outside. Plus, I really just don't have the time and it's driving me nuts to have things unfinished (whether in reality or in my head). As soon as I find time I'll feel so overwhelmed because I won't know where to begin. This happens to me every year! I'm never surprised yet always complain about it (I figure it's my right as a woman). LOL

So why don't I have the time? Well, I'm moving...hence packing. Just had my very own yard sale to rid myself of the things that accumulate (mysteriously) in my home that I have never found a use for. Ok, not that mysteriously but they accumulate all the same. Why oh why do I have so much STUFF?! Also, I'm looking for a new of those jobs that you will absolutely love to go to and won't never wonder 'what in the hell was I thinking by accepting this position'. Yes, we all want one...but I am on a mission to find it! And I don't have an apartment yet, so all my stuff is going into storage and I'll be staying with my sister. Oh mon dieu! My quiet, simple life has become a crazy and unpredictable life. Oh how I am clinging onto every ounce of sanity I have left.

But on the plus side, I'm in a new relationship that is going very well. He is amazing (bf...if you are reading this, don't let it go to your head lol) and I never thought I would find someone that I had so much in common with and could make me so happy. So yay!

Ok. So what projects do I have going on in my little apartment and in my head? Here goes!

I bought this adorable little phone table for $3 at a fundraiser for a local animal shelter.
It needs a lot of TLC in regards to reupholstering and painting. This project has been started...I will post upon completion. :)

I obtained this sweet little number for free :) I plan on spray painting it a beautiful metallic shade (perhaps copper as it is naturally copper and I'm too lazy to try to clean it) and using it as a planter outside.

I got this gorgeous chair from my aunt...which I'm not entirely sure if it's on loan or mine permanently...but I got the go ahead to reupholster it (I'm assuming that means painting it is ok too). I have the fabric in my head and I can picture it spray painted white and distressed. Oh it's gonna be so nice.
 I got these from my mother a few years ago. Had planned to paint and then tole paint on them. However I have yet to find a pattern I love for this. And, now I'm not entirely sure tole painting is the route I want to take. Any ideas? Suggestions?

OK well, you get the idea. Lots of projects, little time. There are a ton more but I'll leave those for future posts! :)