Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aboriginal Art - yard sale finds!

I lived in the Northwest Territories of Canada for 6 years. And let me tell ya, summer time there is crazy busy with yard sales. Now this isn't odd or unfamiliar to most people who live in large cities, but these communities are very small. The place I lived in had a population of a whopping 5000, at best. Yard sale day was Saturday and sometimes Sunday...and if you want any success at all you had better get up at the break of dawn Saturday morning. I mean, seriously, there are people that will push you aside with no regard, just to get to a table before you. It is insanity! But on the bright side they will sell anything. Absolutely the best yard sales I've ever seen, there are so many goodies you don't even know where to start. So I became a collector, naturally, of all things handmade from the aboriginal people. Obviously these are items that I left untouched and appreciated as is. These are my favorite pieces, but there are many more in the collection.

Hand painted plate...Gorgeous! $2

Etched glass...Yup, it's chipped! $4

handmade ceramic jug :) $5

Where the heck is Waldo?

OK so... I'm not Waldo. And I honestly have no idea where he is.

Who I am is a very genuinely happy person with way too many hobbies and way too little time for them. I've been wanting to start this blog forever. A mix of procrastination, among other things, have kept me from doing just that. But I figure, it's now or never. The calendar says it's spring...the weather has said otherwise, thus far. But yard sales have begun and that speaks spring to me! The sun is shining (well, it's been trying very hard), flowers are blooming (kinda) and motivation has kicked in. I'm on the hunt for some awesome summer projects. I spend the winter browsing websites and blogs (many of which I am now following) for creative and thrifty, decorating and crafting ideas. Then I spend the spring, summer and fall going to yard sales and thrift stores looking for just the perfect finds.

I look for the trash that can become a treasure. That item that no one else sees the potential in. That frame with the broken glass or that little side table with the gorgeous curves that got water marked and scratched; the ugly overused brown corkboard, that old tarnished brass hurricane lamp. Oh and don't forget those old curtains from the 70's and crazy, patterned scraps of material. Yes please! Give me your trash. I will take it off your hands and you won't have to look at it any longer. In fact just let me in your basement or garage...I'll gladly help you get rid of your junk! :)

I'm quite eclectic in my taste, I love a bit of everything and struggle with making it all work together; vintage with modern, neutrals with bold colors, black and white photos. It doesn't sound that difficult, right? Well, add a hand me down couch in a terrible color (hey! free is free) that I can't afford to replace and I couldn't possibly begin to reupholster; and two gorgeous, crazy cats that shed hair like nobody's business. I'm limited to what projects I can do, financially and due to the fact that I live in an apartment.

I have a fascination with skeleton keys and those old glass doorknobs. I collect postcards and stamps, that is my absolute favorite hobby (working on another blog to showcase that collection). I also am into genealogy though I seem to hit more walls than I break through. I adore old vintage jewelery;, boldly colored, beaded necklaces being my favorite. I can't walk past anything wicker without having at least a second look. I much prefer vintage furniture to anything antique.

So that's me, in a nutshell. Hope the blog turns into everything I want it to be. Hopefully, someday, this will turn into more than a hobby. That would be a dream come true!

Hope some of you will read and follow my blog. I'm no expert by any means. So please share your ideas, comments and stories with me. Would love to hear from you! :D