Saturday, June 25, 2011

Moving and yard sale finds.

OK so I mentioned I'm moving....yet, I keep buying more stuff...and I HATE packing!! LOL Oh well! I can't help it! I find something I love and I can't be stopped. Forgive the pictures, the top of the washer is the only available spot to take a photo at the moment!

Gorgeous mirror $4, cannot wait to paint this baby! Am struggling on the color though. I'll wait until I get to my new apartment and figure out where she will hang.

I absolutely love these coasters! I love the price too...50 cents! The base needs some work, otherwise they are perfect and I don't even like coasters!

I saw it and had to have it...50 cents! No idea what it's purpose will be but it may see some spray paint in it's near future. The boyfriend has dubbed it the 'bubble wrap vase'.

And amid the mass of boxes and chaos lies Duke, enjoying a leisurely nap and not caring in the slightest what the heck is going on. As long as he has food, water and a warm place to sleep all is good in the world. Ahhh to be a cat! Meanwhile Reed has an entirely different outlook on this whole disruption in his life. He sleeps on my bed (below), the only thing that hasn't been moved or covered with stuff.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! :)

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